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Kanye West’s Mother Dies after Cosmetic Surgery

12:59, November 12th 2007

Donda West, 58, the beautiful mother of the 30-year-old rapper Kanye West, passed way Saturday around 8:30 p.m. in a Los Angeles hospital after undergoing a cosmetic surgery.

According to media sources, she was scheduled to have breast-augmentation for symmetry and a tummy tuck. She is likely to have suffered an uncontrolled bleeding after going home to recover from the surgery.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jan Adams stated for TMZ that he was the doctor who performed the cosmetic surgery on West before she died and he did everything right.

He confessed that her death was unforeseen and could have had multiple causes such as heart attack, pulmonary embolism or massive vomiting.

Dr. Adams told TMZ that West had consulted him for some four months, in an attempt to decide whether to undergo surgery or not.

He said that another Beverly Hills doctor Andre Aboolian refused to involve in the surgery because West had a complicated medical condition. She needed a medical clearance before he would perform the surgery, Jo-Ann Geffen, Dr. Abolian’s publicist said.

“He simply said that in order for him to be comfortable, he felt it necessary to have a medical clearance before he’d touch her. He feels terrible because he said she was such a sweet lady,” Geffen said according to Associated Press.

“He is sleazy and manipulating the truth to elevate his own importance,” Dr. Adams said about his colleague for TMZ, but he refused to elaborate on his words.

West was brought at Centinela Freeman Regional Medical Center in Marina Del Rey, California in critic state as a hospital spokesperson said: “She was brought by paramedics to our emergency room on Saturday evening. She was in full arrest when she arrived. She had a cosmetic surgery, but not at our hospital.”

“We tried to resuscitate her, but were unsuccessful,” Deborah Ettinger, a hospital vice president said.

LAPD Lt. Fred Corral stated that Los Angeles Coroner plans to undergo an autopsy by Wednesday. “We’re looking at possible complications of surgery,” he said.

According to the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, death from cosmetic surgery is relatively rare. Just one case of 51,459 surgeries is likely to happen.

According to reports, the 30-year-old rapper had just landed in London when the news struck him, and he immediately flew back to Los Angeles to be with her fellow family members.

Kanye’s writing partner Rhymefest expressed his regret towards Donda West’s death Sunday in an appearance on Chicago radio station WCGI.

“She was everyone’s mom,” Rhymefest said. “A spirit never dies, a spirit lasts forever.”

Surgeons Who Promise Beauty Destroy Lives By Lethal Injections

Mexican women desperate for full curvaceous bodies are dying in agony after illegal backstreet operations.

Ten years ago a pretty 17-year-old called Silvia Munguía was working as a movie extra when an impressively voluptuous woman appeared as if out of nowhere and offered her ‘the body of a goddess’.

A few days later in a backstreet clinic the woman, who turned out to be a man, took the skinny teenager’s gold jewellery and in return injected her buttocks, calves and thighs with several large syringes full of a transparent oily liquid.

Within months Munguía’s legs began a slow but sure mutation into the elephantine trunks they are today, inflamed and covered in flaking, scaly and dying discoloured skin. For years she bore the pain in near silence, trying to build a happy family while she chastised herself for what she had done and hated herself for what she was becoming.

A couple of years ago two huge seeping ulcers in her thighs finally forced her to seek medical help, putting her in hospital since September where she is likely to remain for many months more. ‘This illness ended my life,’ says the somehow still sweet-faced Munguía.

Such stories are terrifyingly common in Mexico, where an underground beauty industry lures victims with promises of easy and cheap curves through the injection of everything from industrial silicone, to baby oil, to motor oil. The hidden cost is a lifetime of suffering, or even sudden death.

This is the chilling flipside of the rising popularity of plastic surgery that has made Mexico second only to the US in the world table of legal procedures. It is all illegal, but most victims are too ashamed to report the crime and the authorities appear happy to let them stay silent.

While the scale of the problem is hard to quantify, doctors at the General Hospital in Mexico City, the biggest hospital catering to poor people without social security, say they see hundreds of cases every year which must represent only a fraction of the number of victims.

‘Many never seek medical help, and when they die nobody knows what they died of,’ says Dr Carlos del Vecchyo, head of the plastic surgery at the hospital.

The phenomenon is also hard to gauge because while some victims fall ill immediately others can stay relatively healthy for 20 years. Still most doctors say that sooner or later they will all suffer serious complications.

These often begin when the injected area turns hard and the body’s attempt to expel the alien substance triggers inflammation and constant fevers. The oil also tends to migrate around the body, creating similar problems elsewhere. Soon small wounds become gaping holes, light knocks cause unbearable pain, joints do not bend and necrosis sets in. And all the while death lurks in the background because the oils can seep into the blood and cause a pulmonary embolism or renal failure. So why do so many people do it?

Some had no choice – like one young woman who was kidnapped at a bus station when she was 17 and forced into a prostitution ring where she was kept submissive through repeated rape and constant violence. The pimp, who controlled her and a dozen or so other girls, would periodically take her to be injected all over her body in the backroom of a seedy flat. As the years went by this bright, beautiful and extraordinarily dignified survivor (who still fears being hunted down and so prefers not to give her name) watched her body rot as she felt her insides burn up. She escaped five years ago and lives in semi-hiding with her adored young son and her incurable illness. Reunited with her family, she does not dare reveal the truth, spinning a tale of how she migrated to the US instead and suffers from bad circulation. ‘It’s best to deal with it inside,’ she says. ‘They would not believe me if I told them.’

But there are also many patients who actively sought out the injections. Perched on the edge of her tatty bed in her one-room, breeze-block house, Ana María Mérida, 46, says she had hoped injections in her hips might stop her partner’s humiliating and hurtful affairs.

Mérida went to a thoroughly clandestine backroom injection hub and willingly received about a pint of what she was told was harmless collagen into each buttock over three sessions. It cost her about £50, significantly more than she earned in a week’s cleaning but about 50 times less than implants.

For a few years she felt sexy, but her lover left her anyway and soon she was in a desperate state, in constant pain, peeing blood and unable to bend over. ‘I swear that if I had known what would happen I would never have done it,’ Mérida says. Sobbing she dropped her trousers to reveal a deep scar that has yet to heal from an operation 18 months ago, above twisted purple folds of flesh where her backside once was.

‘Look at me, I cannot accept myself like this. I am ashamed to go outside, I am so ashamed, so angry with myself. I am never going to be happy. Who is going to look at me now?’

Dr Juan José Bustamante, the head of psychiatry at the General Hospital, is sure many who claim they were duped into believing the injections were completely safe were at least partly aware of the risks but desperate enough to take them.

He blames a culture that dictates a beauty ideal of women with large bottoms and large busts and a system that forces them to ‘market themselves’ to men in order to obtain financial and emotional security. ‘It’s a type of dictatorship, and women accept it.’

But if some women accept this dictatorship tacitly, many transvestites here seem to throw their arms around it.

‘It’s all about vanity, we all do injections,’ said Marta, a 24-year-old transvestite who has worked as a prostitute since the age of 12. ‘If you don’t want to take risks, then put on trousers and a suit and get a day job. This is the life we chose.’

Almost every day, Marta says, there are newly plump and rounded figures mincing up and down the street corner. She knows of about 10 ‘girlfriends’ who have died and she herself was in intensive care two years ago when a baby oil injection left her gasping for breath as it made its way to her lungs.

Some medics search for ways to surgically remove the oil, like Dr Humberto Anduaga who works at one of the main social security hospitals in Mexico City.

He implants sponge-like expanders under healthy skin around the affected areas. The idea is to stretch the skin until there is enough extra to cover the hole left by removal of the oil encapsulated in dead tissue. But the vast majority of patients are not eligible for this treatment because the affected areas are too large, making the issue for them one of control rather than cure, involving both emergency surgery and long-term dependence on drugs.

In the western city of Guadalajara, an unusually assertive group of women got together to testify against a phoney doctor dubbed later the Matabellas, or Beauty Killer. But while the case had a huge impact in Guadalajara itself, it barely made the national news and is now all but forgotten in the capital.

‘There is a kind of disdain for these patients, as happens with kids with Aids,’ said Bustamante, the psychiatrist. ‘The system is designed so that they go off and die alone.’


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Kanye West’s Mother Dies After Cosmetic Surgery

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Published: 11/13/2004

Steroid abuse scars a young muscle man for life

Posted on Tuesday, August 26, 2008 6:13 PM PT

Filed Under: Melissa Dahl

By Melissa Dahl

For one 21-year-old muscle man, the quest to build a perfect body ended in grotesque, lifelong scars.

Doctors were shocked when the young man came into their Dusseldorf clinic with one of the worst cases of acne conglobata any of them had ever seen: His chest and upper back were canvassed in craterlike ulcers and abscesses oozing with pus.

A 21-year-old amateur bodybuilder’s steroid abuse left him with permanent scars. Courtesy of The Lancet

“He had these deep, ulcerating lesions with bloody crusts,” says Dr. Peter Arne Gerber, a dermatologist who treated the young man at Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf, Germany. Adding insult to injury, the poor young man’s sperm count had plummeted and his testicles were in a sad little shrunken state.

“For me, personally, it was the worst case that I had ever observed,” says Gerber, who wrote an article about the case study that appeared in a recent issue of the medical journal The Lancet.

He and his colleagues immediately suspected the young amateur body builder was abusing steroids, because acne is a typical reaction to rampant roid usage.

“Steroids increase the amount of sebum, or oil, production from the sebaceous gland, and acne is a bacteria that thrives on the sebum,” says Dr. Bruce Robinson, a Manhattan dermatologist who represents the American Academy of Dermatology.

Robinson describes the sebaceous gland’s normal oil offering as a light lunch for a few bacteria, but steroid users’ glands produce enough sebum to provide the bacteria with a lavish oily feast to which they invite all of their friends. “That results in this explosive steroid acne,” he explains.

It took a persistent amount of badgering, but the amateur bodybuilder finally admitted his doping habits: He’d been using two types of anabolic steroids twice a week for several months, and the high dosage and long-term usage kicked his bloody brand of acne up a notch.

Happily, his manhood issues – the tiny testicles and paltry  sperm count – returned to normal after he quit using the steroids. But Gerber says the lesions, ulcers and abscesses that covered his unfortunate upper torso crept deep into the skin’s basal membrane, the cell layer that separates the outer skin from the deeper dermis. And when that happens, from acne or any kind of damage to the skin, scarring is inevitable.

Just one more reason to stay off the juice, kids.


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Doctor sentenced in liposuction death

Prosecutors say physician performed unsanitary surgery on a massage table

updated 5:32 p.m. ET March 18, 2008

WOBURN, Mass. – A Brazilian doctor accused of being part of an underground cosmetic surgery network was sentenced to up to three years in prison Tuesday after pleading guilty in the death of a 24-year-old woman.

Luiz Carlos Ribeiro pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of Fabiola DePaula in the basement of a Framingham condominium in July 2006. DePaula died of complications from liposuction surgery.

Ribeiro, 51, of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, was not licensed to practice medicine in the United States. Prosecutors said he performed the surgery on a massage table under unsanitary conditions and did not have a qualified professional present to monitor DePaula’s vital signs, as required.

“By not having that trained person, it substantially increased the risk of serious bodily harm or death,” said prosecutor Lee Hettinger.

Prosecutors said Ribeiro performed liposuction, nose jobs and Botox injections for several years, mostly in Framingham’s large Brazilian immigrant community, where cosmetic surgery is popular among beauty-conscious women.

DePaula, an immigrant from Sanclerlandia, Brazil, went to Ribeiro for a rhinoplasty on July 27, 2006. She went back three days later for liposuction. An autopsy report said she died of complications, including pulmonary fat emboli, or fat in the lungs.

The owner of the home where the surgery was done, Ana Celia Pena Sielemann, was charged with being an accessory, but was deported before prosecutors could bring her to trial. Hettinger said Sielemann recruited women to have procedures done.

Ribeiro’s lawyer, Jeanne Earley, said the doctor has been devastated by DePaula’s death.

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“This is a man who has no previous record, who has only been doing good in his community,” she said. “He made a very, very bad mistake and has paid very dearly for it.”

Ribeiro’s ex-wife, Ana Maria Miranda Ribeiro, who admitted acting as a nurse during the procedure, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in September and was sentenced to one year in prison. She was deported last month after completing her sentence.

Judge Wendie Gershengorn sentenced Ribeiro to two-and-a-half to three years in prison Tuesday. He’s already served 20 months in prison since his arrest, meaning he could be released by January 2009. Ribeiro faces deportation to Brazil once he completes his sentence.

Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


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Berharap Wajah Memutih Malah Jadi Merintih

KETIKA Ny. Rinda, sebut saja namanya begitu, memasuki sebuah toko kosmetik di Kota Bandung, pelayan toko tidak terlalu memerhatikannya. Kendati muka ditutupi cadar, orang-orang di sekitarnya menganggap ia salah seorang penganut paham fanatik. Namun ketika ia menyibakkan cadarnya, orang meringis ngeri. Wajahnya retak-retak bagai sawah di musim kering. Ketika ia berbicara, dari retakan itu mengalir darah! Walau kesakitan, ia memaksakan diri datang ke toko untuk meminta pertanggungjawaban toko kosmetik tersebut.

Perempuan itu menuding, kerusakan wajahnya diakibatkan pemakaian kosmetika pemutih wajah yang dibelinya di toko tersebut.

“Peristiwa itu sudah agak lama. Dan jenis kosmetik pemutih wajah yang saat itu sedang tren kini sudah ditarik dari peredaran,” jelas Permadi (35) juga bukan nama sebenarnya. Permadi adalah salah seorang saksi mata dari “korban kosmetik ” tersebut, kebetulan juga seorang supplier kosmetik di Bandung.

Menurut Permadi, jenis kosmetik berbentuk krim tersebut memang termasuk keras. Tetapi kerusakan pada kulit wajah yang diakibatkan krim tersebut tidak menimpa semua pemakainya. “Sama seperti berbagai jenis krim lainnnya, pemakaian krim pemutih yang dijual bebas , cocok-cocokan (tergantung cocok tidaknya pada seseorang),” tegas Permadi.

Untuk mengetahui cocok tidaknya kulit seseorang pada krim pemutih yang akan dipakainya, menurut Permadi ada jalan sederhana. Sebelum memutuskan menggunakannya untuk wajah, coba oleskan dulu di kulit tangan sebelah atas.

Pakai selama semalam. Jika tidak ada reaksi, berarti krim itu aman,” saran Permadi.


BOLEH dibilang media telah sukses besar memengaruhi kaum perempuan. Melalui iklan berbagai produk, media gencar mencitrakan bagaimana perempuan yang disebut cantik itu. Sosok cantik yang dicitrakan dan kemudian menjadi idola para wanita di seluruh dunia adalah yang bertubuh langsing, rambut lurus dan berkulit putih.

Agar langsing, ya harus berani diet. Tak heran jika kemudian banyak komponen pendukung yang dipromosikan untuk menjadi langsing. Mulai dari gula rendah kalori, program pelatihan, pijat refleksi, tusuk jarum dan banyak lagi.

Sedangkan untuk mendapatkan rambut lurus, teknologi kecantikan yang makin tinggi telah berhasil menciptakan teknologi rebounding atau pelurusan rambut di salon-salon kecantikan.

Bagaimana dengan kulit wajah yang putih mulus? Ya, itu tadi. Sekarang banyak pemutih wajah yang dijual secara bebas.

Seorang ibu pernah terkaget-kaget ketika bertemu kembali dengan kenalannya. “Kok wajahnya jadi putih ya. Padahal setahu saya, dulu teman saya itu, ya sama seperti saya. Wajahnya sawo matang. Ternyata teman saya itu memakai pemutih wajah,” cerita ibu tersebut.

Pernah melihat seorang wanita yang berjalan di bawah terik matahari dengan kulit muka yang sangat merah? Bisa jadi ia juga pemakai kosmetika untuk pemutih wajah. Beragamnya jenis pemutih wajah beragam juga cara kerja dan hasilnya.

Banyaknya berbagai jenis pemutih wajah dengan harga variatif dari yang mahal hingga yang murah meriah akhir-akhir ini membuat semakin banyak juga kaum perempuan memburunya. Atau hal ini juga karena berlakunya hukum pasar. Ada demand (permintaan) maka ada suplai (penyediaan ). Karena begitu banyak perempuan yang ingin tampil dengan wajah putih mulus , maka produsen yang jeli cepat menangkap peluang untuk menghadirkan kebutuhan kaum perempuan ini.

Sayangnya, pihak produsen pembuat kosmetik sering tidak sabar melempar produk buatannya ke pasaran. Sebelum departemen kesehatan mengujinya, mereka sudah langsung memasarkannya. Ada juga produsen yang memang nakal. Kendati tahu bahan yang digunakan sebagai pembuat kosmetik pemutih adalah jenis zat berbahaya, atas nama keuntungan maka produsen (pura-pura) melupakannya.

Akhir Oktober lalu Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan (BPOM) menemukan 51 jenis kosmetik berbahaya. Di antara kosmetik tersebut terdapat beberapa jenis krim pemutih wajah. Selain tidak terdaftar, kosmetik-kosmetik tersebut ternyata mengandung bahan berbahaya seperti merkuri (Hg) dan merah K.10 (Rhodamin B,C.I Food Red No.15 C.I 45170 ). Bahan-bahan tersebut dilarang digunakan pada produk kosmetik.

Menurut Kepala Badan POM, H. Sampurna seperti dikutip “PR”, 20 Oktober 2004 lalu, penggunaan bahan-bahan tersebut akan merugikan kesehatan. Antara lain merusak kulit wajah berupa iritasi, pengelupasan kulit, hipopigmentasi, hiperpigmentasi dan karsinogenik teratogenik pada pemakaian jangka tertentu.


EUIS Megawati, Dra. dari Unit Layanan Pengaduan Konsumen Obat dan Makanan Balai Besar (BBPOM) Bandung mengungkapkan, merkuri bisa berakibat buruk pada ginjal, sedangkan rhodamin B bisa menyebabkan gangguan fungsi hati atau kanker hati apabila digunakan dalam jangka waktu lama.

Rhodamin B, lanjut Euis , merupakan zat warna sintetis yang sering digunakan untuk pewarnaan kertas dan tekstil. Rhodamin B dilarang digunakan untuk obat, makanan dan kosmetik. Hal ini sesuai dengan Permenkes No

293/Menkes/Per/V/85 tentang zat warna tertentu yang dinyatakan sebagai bahan berbahaya.

Senada dengan Euis, menurut dokter spesialis kulit Wisnu Kusumawardana, Sp.KK. sebenarnya merkuri merupakan logam berat yang pada suhu kamar berbentuk cair.

Barangkali kita akan lebih bisa membayangkan jika menyebutnya sebagai air raksa. Dalam kosmetika, merkuri ini biasanya berbentuk senyawa, misalnya

Ammomated Mercury Chloride (NH2 Hg Cl). Pada kulit, terutama kulit wajah, merkuri bersifat korosif dan merangsang alergi. Artinya, ia dapat menyebabkan iritasi. Itu akibat yang ringan.

Merkuri bisa menyebabkan kerusakan yang lebih parah. Karena sifatnya yang menyerap (absorb) melalui kulit, ia akan bisa mencapai aliran darah dan diedarkan ke organ tubuh lainnya. Akibatnya, merkuri akan terakumulasi dalam ginjal. Dalam jumlah yang banyak, tentu saja merkuri bisa merusak fungsi organ vital manusia.

“Makanya, sebaiknya merkuri tidak ada dalam kosmetika, karena sifatnya yang terakumulasi. Sayang kan jika zat itu sudah menyerang ginjal kita yang tadinya sehat?” kata Wisnu.

Kulit yang teriritasi merkuri sebenarnya tidak khas, sama saja dengan kulit yang teriritasi dengan zat-zat lain. Misalnya saja, akibat paling ringan berupa gatal-gatal dan pedih, kulit jadi memerah. Akibat yang lebih berat bisa berupa mengelupasnya lapisan teratas kulit (epidermis) yang biasa dikenal dengan istilah epidermolisis.

Parah atau tidaknya akibat merkuri, tergantung pada kekuatan kulit sang pemakai, juga seberapa banyak ia menggunakannya dan seberapa luas merkuri itu mengenai kulit seseorang.

Kalaupun Anda telanjur terkena dampak negatif merkuri, jangan putus asa, karena itu bisa diobati. “Tahap pertama, menghentikan pemakaian kosmetika yang mengandung merkuri. Lalu carilah dokter untuk meminta obat anti iritasi. Dokter akan melihat sejauh mana akibat yang ditimbulkan merkuri ini pada kulit seseorang. Jika terlihat agak parah, selain memberikan krim antiiritasi dokter akan memberi krim antibiotik. Bila gejala iritasi kulit kuat sekali dokter akan menambahkan obat peroral,” jelas Wisnu yang juga menjadi dokter konsultan di Natasha Skin Care.

Biaya penyembuhan tentunya tergantung seberapa parah akibat yang ditimbulkan merkuri pada kulit.

Iritasi akibat merkuri memang bisa dihilangkan, namun alangkah lebih baik jika kita menghindari kosmetika yang mengandung merkuri sebelum zat itu merusak tubuh.

Sayangnya kita tidak bisa membedakan mana kosmetika yang mengandung merkuri dan mana bebas zat berbahaya itu. “Produk yang mengandung merkuri tidak dapat dilihat secara kasat mata. . Pembuktiannya harus melalui tes di laboratorium,” tegas dokter yang pernah menjalani crash programm skin care di Singapura dan mendalami masalah dermatitis di Malaysia ini.

Sebagai tindakan waspada, kita harus memilih kosmetika yang aman. Untuk itu,paling tidak ada tiga hal yang bisa dilakukan.

Pertama, memilih produk yang terdaftar di pemerintah. Hal itu bisa dilihat dari tanda apakah produk tersebut sudah ada nomor kode dari Depkes.

Kedua, pilihlah produk yang diawasi tim medis/dokter. Ada banyak produk yang dalam pengolahannya di bawah pengawasan dokter ahli, termasuk produk-produk kosmetika buatan dalam negeri. Ketiga, menggunakan produk kosmetika atas anjuran dokter, terutama dokter yang ahli dalam kulit dan kosmetika. Masih ragu dengan satu produk yang Anda pakai? Bawalah kosmetika itu ke dokter kulit, tanyakan apakan produk tersebut aman untuk jenis kulit Anda. Tidak ada salahnya jika sesekali Anda mendatangi LP POM untuk menanyakan produk mana yang sudah aman dan mana yang tidak.

Selain merkuri, lanjut Wisnu, ada zat lain yang biasanya terdapat dalam kosmetika dan perlu diwaspadai, yakni zat pewarna Rhodamin B. Pewarna tekstil ini biasa ditemukan pada blush on. Rhodamin B bisa terabsorbsi oleh kulit dan terakumulasi di dalam hati.

Ella/”PR” – Uci


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Salon Vagina Di-Blacklist Dokter Kandungan


Sabtu, 2 Agustus 2008 | 16:26 WIB

SYDNEY, SABTU – Semakin maraknya bedah kosmetik untuk mempercantik vagina membuat gerah para ahli kandungan Australia. Mereka pun mem-black list ahli bedah yang membuka salon vagina.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists mengeluarkan pernyataan sikap, Sabtu (2/8), seperti dikutip FoxNews, bahwa semakin banyak perempuan yang menderita luka akibat prosedur bedah yang berbahaya. Bahkan banyak di antara para perempuan itu yang mengalami infeksi dan kehilangan kenikmatan berhubungan seks setelah masuk salon itu.

Sebagian besar perempuan mendatangi salon-salon semacam itu untuk ‘bedah bibir’ atau mempercantik penampilan ‘bibir bawah, itu. Sementara yang lainnya mempersempit lubang atau memperkuat daya G-spot.

Menurut organisasi itu, salon-salon semacam itu menjalankan prosedur operasi yang berbahaya, mahal tetapi tidak terjamin. “Kami prihatin khususnya pada prosedur bedah yang mungkin akan mengeksploitasi perempuan rentan,” kata pernyataan itu.

Dr Ted Weaver, ketua komite kesehatan perempuan di perguruan tinggi itu mengatakan sekarang banyak klinik, sebagian besar di Sydney dan Gold Coast yang menawarkan layanan ini. “Sebagian besar operasi itu berbiaya sampai 10.000 dollar Australia (Rp 80 juta). Itu jumlah yang sangat banyak,” kata Weaver.

Weaver mengatakan, operasi ini mungkin mengincar para perempuan yang merasa tidak aman dan takut yang sebenarnya lebih membutuhkan bantuan psikologis. “Operasi-operasi ini juga tidak cukup punya dasar anatomi dan berpotensi menyebabkan luka serius,” katanya.

Weaver mengatakan, ia dan rekan-rekannya kerap merawat pasien yang mengalami luka, kecacatan permanen, infeksi dan hilangnya sensasi seksual. Beberapa di antaranya membutuhkan bedah rekonstruksi.

Yang mengkhawatirkan, kata Weaver, saat ini banyak perempuan yang menginginkan operasi bibir vagina ternyata tidak paham bahwa sebenarnya ada banyak variasi bentuk luar alat kelamin.

“Ada satu kasus, seorang pria membawa foto porno dari Brasil dan mengatakan, ‘Bikin pacar saya menjadi seperti ini’. Saya kira tidak etis menyetujui tindakan seperti ini,” katanya.

Menurut Weaver, penguatan G-spot, dengan injeksi kolagen ke dinding vagina untuk meningkatkan kenikmatan seksual, juga kontroversial. “Seringkali tidak jelas di mana letak G-spot atau ada tidaknya titik itu pada seorang perempuan. Jadi ketika prosedur itu dilakukan tanpa verifikasi, sering berakibat munculnya masalah seksual,” kata Weaver.

Daniel Fleming,  presiden Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, mengatakan sebagian besar pasien bedah bibir vagina senang dengan hasilnya. “Kalau ada persoalan, mereka harus menyajikan bukti, jadi kami tahu mengapa itu terjadi dan dokter mana yang membuatnya semakin rumit,” kata Fleming.


Sumber : FOXNews


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Disuntik Silikon, Hidung Lela Berantakan

Whitening Cream : Serigala Berbulu Domba ?

Mau Cantik, Maut Taruhannya

Suntik Botox Kembali Makan Korban


Sabtu, 26 Januari 2008 | 14:32 WIB

LONDON, SABTU – Buat Anda yang tertarik melakukan suntik botox untuk mengencangkan kulit tampaknya harus mulai berpikir dua kali. Jika tidak digunakan sesuai dengan prosedur, botox memiliki efek samping yang sangat fatal.

Bukti bahaya penggunaan botox kembali terungkap setelah jatuhnya beberapa korban meningggal di Inggris belum lama ini.  Dari 16 orang yang terenggut nyawanya akibat dampak suntikan Botox, empat di antaranya adalah remaja belia berusia belasan tahun.

Seperti dilaporkan The Sun, Sabtu (26/1), suntikan botox diduga menjadi penjemput ajal setelah menyebar ke seluruh tubuh empat remaja berusia 18 tahunan tersebut. Selain mereka, ada 87 orang lainnya yang menjadi korban, namun masih dapat diselamatkan lewat pertolongan medis di rumah sakit.

Di Inggris sendiri, tercatat sekitar 55.000 suntikan botox diberikan kepada para pasien dengan berbagai keperluan termasuk perawatan wajah supaya terlihat awet muda. Botox sebenarnya berasal dari racun atau bakteria bernama botulinum toxin type A. Awalnya digunakan untuk tujuan medis, seperti memperbaiki kelainan fungsi otot, mengurangi kejang-kejang di sekitar mata serta meringankan kedutan, botox kemudian mulai lazim digunakan dalam dunia kecantikan dan kosmetik untuk menghaluskan kerutan. Dalam dunia kecantikan, botox masih sangat populer sebagai jalan pintas untuk menghilangkan kerutan, apalagi tak banyak diketahui efek samping dari suntikan toksin ini.

Sebuah layanan perlindungan konsumen kini telah mendesak pemerintah untuk menarik obat kosmetik berbahaya tersebut -termasuk versi sejenisnya yakni Myobloc – sekaligus memberi peringatan bahwa obat tersebut dapat menyebabkan kematian.

Kelompok Public Citizen dari AS juga melaporkan setidaknya ada 180 laporan  dikirim kepada Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mengenai penggunaan Botox and Myobloc, yang digunakan pada pengobatan kekakuan leher. Dalam laporan tersebut, botox dapat menimbulkan kematian selain juga gangguan pelemahan pada otot dan kesulitan menelan. Kelompok itu pun meminta pencantuman label peringatan “risiko kematian” pada seluruh botol kemasan botox.

Juru bicara Public Citizen, Dr Sidney Wolfes, mengatakan sebaiknya pasien diberi tahu terlebih dulu mengenai gejala awal yang timbul akibat efek samping penggunaan botox seperti mulut kering, kesulitan bernafas, gangguan bicara dan kelopak mata terkulai.

“Tindakan peringatan yang lebih baik secara signifikan dapat meningkatkan kemungkinan tindakan medis sejak dini dan bisa mencegah komplikasi, termasuk kematian,” ungkap Wolfes.

Sementara itu perusahaan pembuat Botox , Allergan – yang diperkirakan bakal mencatat angka penjualan  1,1 miliar dollar AS  tahun ini – menegaskan bahwa risiko penggunaan obat ini telah ditekankan sebelumnya. “Tidak ada persoalan keamanan yang muncul yang belum diarahkan dalam hal pemberian label Botox,” ungkap mereka.

Guna menekan dampak mematikan dari botox, para ahli kesehatan di Inggris  menyarankan masyarakat untuk menghindari praktik klinik kecantikan gelap atau tidak berizin. Douglas McGeorge, dari  British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, mengatakan: “Jika digunakan dengan tepat, Botox sebenarnya aman .”


Sumber : the sun/


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Berharap Wajah Memutih, Malah jadi Merintih

Death shows danger of silicone injections

Case shines spotlight on practice
known as ‘pumping’

Todd Stone / AP

Nikkia Scott, shown here March 29 at her home in Albany, Ga., holds a newspaper article about her. Scott, identified as Freddie Clyde in court documents, was charged with conspiracy and practicing medicine without a license following the death of Andre Jeter, who died after being injected with industrial grade silicone.

updated 4:16 p.m. ET April 1, 2004

ALBANY, Ga. – Nikkia Scott and other drag queens have been getting illegal, back-room injections of industrial-grade silicone to give themselves some of the things nature denied them when they were born male — breasts, wider hips, more prominent cheekbones.

They know the risks are extreme, and still they do it.

“Anything you put in your body that don’t belong there will hurt you in the long run,” Scott said of her $6,000 worth of injections. “But believe me, it has been worth it. It has been worth it.”

The dangers were illustrated recently by the death of 23-year-old Andre D. Jeter, who authorities say suffered convulsions and fell unconscious Dec. 10 after receiving injections in her hips and buttocks during a “pumping party” in Albany. She died a month later.

One of Scott’s roommates, Stephen Oneal Thomas, 31, was charged last week with murder and other offenses for allegedly administering the injections. Thomas’ lawyer refused on Tuesday to comment.

Scott and three others were also arrested in the case and charged with conspiracy and practicing medicine without a license. They were accused, among other things, of helping Thomas by recruiting patients at drag-queen beauty pageants.

The victim was a man living as a woman, as are all four defendants.

Spotlight on ‘pumping’
The death has thrown a spotlight on “pumping,” a thriving underground practice among men living as women, particularly those who compete in beauty pageants and perform in drag shows. Pumping parties are typically held in motel rooms or apartments.

While medical-grade silicone is implanted under the skin in sealed sacs to keep it from leaking, pumping involves injecting silicone straight into the body.

And the silicone used is the stuff sold in hardware stores as a sealant. It is not sterile and can cause infections, particularly in the lungs.

The silicone is often mixed with paraffin, oil, even peanut butter, said Dallas Denny of the transgender support group Gender Education & Advocacy. In Jeter’s case, it was probably mixed with baby oil, based on how it smelled to others who received the injections, said James Paulk, an investigator for the district attorney.

There was so much silicone in Jeter’s body that when incisions were made during the autopsy, a clear, brownish liquid flowed out, Paulk said.

‘Slew’ of injuries reported
The scope of the phenomenon is unclear. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration and transgender groups said they do not keep track of the problem. But Paulk said a “slew” of people have been injured, including three or four in Montgomery, Ala., six or seven in Columbus, Ga., and a few in Jacksonville, Fla.

“The transgender society is a very tight-knit society. They don’t like to give each other up because if you do, you get barred from the pageants,” Paulk said. “If they’re not hurting and they’re not experiencing medical problems, they aren’t calling me.”

A day after his arrest, a stubble-faced Scott, wearing large hoop earrings, was back to gluing weaves to heads at a beauty parlor in Albany, a town 150 miles south of Atlanta. His roommate Jazz, also arrested in the case, was at home, wearing pajamas and pink flowered flip-flops.

Jazz and Scott compete in drag shows during “black society” nights at a bar called Queens in Albany. They dress in gowns and rhinestones and perform songs for tips.

They both strongly denied any involvement in giving silicone injections and said they did not know their roommate Thomas was “pumping.”

Severe side effects
Scott, identified as Freddie Clyde in court documents, said her silicone injections have not caused any serious health problems. But Jazz, whose legal name is Mark Edwards, said she has had three procedures — face, bust and lower body — that cost her about $3,300, and has suffered severe side effects.

Last year, she said, she started coughing heavily and discovered that the silicone had gotten into her lungs, giving her chemical pneumonia. She spent two months in the hospital and several more months on bed rest, and her weight dropped from 270 to 150.

She also lifted up her T-shirt to show the scar under one of her breasts where doctors went in to remove a hardened clump of silicone.

As for Jeter, Jazz said, she had taken the injections too far. Jeter had complained that her head itched and that her hair had stopped growing, according to Jazz. “Jeter was making herself look like a monster,” Jazz said.

Despite her own health problems, Jazz said she has nothing against the woman who gave her the injections.

“I don’t want to prosecute her, I want to thank her,” she said. “I’m the one who wanted the work. She did nothing wrong but what I wanted.”

© 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


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Surgeons Who Promise Beauty Destroy Lives by Lethal Injections

Doctor Sentenced in Liposuction Death

New York Beautician Convicted of Disfiguring Faces of Two Clients With Bogus Cosmetic Injections

Friday, October 17, 2008

A New York City beautician has been convicted of giving two clients bogus cosmetic injections that disfigured their faces.

Patricia Villegas was found guilty Wednesday of charges including assault, reckless endangerment and scheme to defraud. The 54-year-old faces up to 14 years in prison.

Defense lawyer Sean McNicholas says Villegas never did anything improper to one of the complaining clients, and never even treated the other. He says Villegas plans to appeal.

Queens prosecutors say the women paid a total of more than $2,000 for injections they were told were beauty enhancers including collagen and cortisone, but were actually “consistent with silicone.”

Prosecutors say the women’s lips became so deformed they had trouble talking and eating, and multiple surgeries have left them with permanent scars.


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Kosmetik Bocorkan Ginjal, Lebih 10 Wanita Bocor Ginjalnya di Medan

Praktik Bedah Platik Gelap, Dokter Dihukum 3 Tahun

Waria Tewas Usai Suntik Silikon

Disuntik Silikon, Hidung Lela Berantakan

Whitening Cream : Serigala Berbulu Domba ?

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Spanish Look into Death of Nigerian First Lady After Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery, a Popular Option

By: Gerri L. Elder

In the last decade, cosmetic surgery has become so common that few people who undergo the knife for a nip or tuck even try to deny it. When celebrities who are constantly photographed and scrutinized undergo augmentation or reshaping of body parts, denial is certainly not an option as the “then and now” photos reveal all.

Some celebrities and well-known people have seemingly become addicted to cosmetic surgery. It is evident by looking at photographs over the years of Michael Jackson or Jocelyn Wildenstein that cosmetic surgery can go too far. It can also go terribly wrong and result in plastic surgery injuries and even cosmetic surgery deaths, as in the case of the mother of recording artist Kanye West who recently died from complications after tummy tuck and breast reduction surgeries that were done at the same time.

With Benefits Come Serious Risks

Plastic surgery is so popular now that lots of “real” people opt to have elective cosmetic procedures, often to boost self esteem or fix something about themselves that they perceive as unattractive. Many people focus on the cosmetic aspect of the procedures they desire and forget that it is actually surgery. Cosmetic surgery, as with all other types of surgery, comes with risks of injury and potential complications that should not be ignored or glossed over. A trusted board-certified cosmetic surgeon should always be carefully selected.

Anesthesia and Sedation

Any surgery that requires anesthesia or sedation carries serious risks including severe reactions to the anesthetic. Other complications could include a blocked airway requiring an emergency tracheotomy, brain damage due to decreased blood circulation, paralysis, heart attack, blood clots, injuries, illness and death. Aspiration can also occur while under anesthesia and cause infections, obstructions in the lungs, a chronic cough or pneumonia.

Excessive Bleeding

Bruising and blood loss during and after cosmetic surgery may be completely normal. However, another possible complication during and following cosmetic surgery is excessive blood loss. Patients should always discuss with their doctors what can be considered normal and what situations should be immediately checked out with a follow-up visit or at the hospital emergency room. After eye lift surgeries excessive bleeding can lead to blindness, so any abnormal bleeding should not be ignored.

Blood Clots

Patients who are under anesthesia for extended periods of time or who have liposuction on their legs have a greater risk of developing blood clots that could be fatal. Care should be taken not to remain in the same position for long periods to time during recovery and any concerns about the risk of blood clots should be discussed with the cosmetic surgeon.

Infections and Necrosis

Following any surgery, there is the possibility of infection. Infections can spread quickly and be very serious and therefore all due care should be taken to prevent them. After an infection, it is sometimes necessary for patients to undergo additional surgery to remove necrotic skin and tissue which can affect the final cosmetic outcome. Smokers are more likely thank non-smokers to develop necrotic tissue and require further surgery. After liposuction infections can be extremely serious because although the external incision is small, the internal wound under the skin can be large. A cosmetic surgeon can explain the risks and steps to take in order to avoid developing an infection after cosmetic surgery.

Numbness and Nerve Damage

Some patients may have numbness following cosmetic surgery. During surgery, nerves may be severed and in the case of a surgical mishap, serious damage can occur and result in injuries that cause temporary or permanent numbness. During face lifts, permanent nerve damage occurs in approximately 1 out of 1,000 surgeries according to a Forbes report. Facial nerve damage and numbness can be devastating personal injuries. Numbness is also common after tummy tuck and breast augmentation surgeries.

Internal Bleeding and Hernias

When things go wrong during the recovery process following cosmetic surgery, patients can suffer from internal bleeding or hernias that can require additional surgery to correct.

Hypertrophic Scars

A skilled cosmetic surgeon can often minimize the appearance of scars after surgery, but there is always a risk of thick, red scars called hypertrophic scars after surgery.


Sagging and drooping, called ptosis, after cosmetic surgery on the eyelids can be common. Most of the time ptosis is permanent but can be corrected with another surgical procedure. Ptosis that will self-correct can often be experienced after Botox injections.


Although rare, deaths from cosmetic surgery can also result from complications during or after undergoing the specific cosmetic procedure.


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